Our Objectives

The Talent and Immigration Working Group continues to work directly with government to examine immigration policy and make it more accessible to the tech sector.

– Demystifying current immigration policy – ensuring the tech sector makes the most of the options that are available

– Working directly with government – examining existing immigration policy and lobbying for change where required to meet the needs of our community

– Connecting the Home Office and the tech sector – starting a collaborative, non-adversarial conversation and working together towards positive change


In conjunction with the Home Office, TLA has now hosted three UK based ‘Home Office Hours’ events, at which members of the tech community were able to meet directly with Home Office policy team members to discuss issues and concerns.  A fourth overseas event was also held in San Francisco this past December, allowing overseas Advocates and the tech community abroad to explore options for growing businesses in the UK.  We are currently planning the next UK based event, as well as further overseas events, and look forward to growing this successful initiative.   

The Working Group alse made a full submission to the Migration Advisory Committee regarding tech sector roles to be included on the ‘Shortage Occupation List’ this winter.  That submission was driven by a significant data gathering exercise and a “tech tour” during which senior members of the Migration Advisory Committee visited several tech organizations and met with many members of the community.  The Working Group is awaiting feedback on this submission and will continue to push for change in this important area.  

The work of the Home Office/Tech London Advocates Taskforce is also on-going and we continue to explore ways we can work directly with government to clarify policy and effect change.  We are looking at a variety of further initiatives to help make immigration policy accessible to the sector and to ensure that the UK continues to attract the best and brightest to our shores.

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