Our Objectives

  • Raise the profile of PropTech, establishing its relevance across property activities from investment through construction to management
  • Grow a network of knowledgeable and forward thinking people and companies involved in PropTech
  • Utilise this network to actively engage with the property industry to use technology to solve problems and create real change
  • The TLA PropTech group is growing to incorporate a more expansive view of what property technology really is. Our future built environment will include smart cities, dynamic infrastructure, connected places and innovative operation models. By bringing these elements together TLA is tapping in to knowledgeable and responsive tech-focused professionals who are encouraging an industry which has been slow to change.
  • Together we have the potential to influence everything from business evolution to disruptive innovation. Making cities more sustainable, transform near-derelict spaces through entrepreneurship and make built assets work harder.
  • Cities of the future are about impact and an important part of this is joining up the silos. Future events and focus for this group will allow us to bring all of these different facets together.

Planned activity

  • Collaborative events and activities with other TLA working groups for the Built Environment
  • Regular communications and a member-led newsletter will keep all up-to-date and informed with latest industry news & innovations
  • Social media support for members’ new launches, events or other news of interest

2021 Theme – The Digital High Street

In 2021 the major focus for TLA PropTech was around the Digital High Street – a theme that draws together many concepts and crosses industry boundaries. A framework for thinking about high street futures that draws on a spectrum ranging from global to local and cuts across physical and digital and appeals to PropTech companies, local authorities, business improvements districts and the place-making community – a mix of tech and traditional.

Digital High Street eBook

TLA PropTech in collaboration with TLA Retail, Infrastructure, 5G and Smart Cities and along with partners KPMG UK; REACHUK and Crystal Associates created a series of e-books on future tech- enabled communities. We asked experts across technology and the built environment to provide their opinions and thoughts on their vision of communities of the future. And we didn’t have to look too far ahead.

In January 2021 we kicked off the programme with 4 panel sessions on a channel at RE:Connect – the biggest ever virtual conference in real estate – followed up by sessions at the even bigger RE;Connect March conference to launch the first two eBooks.  In September we took part in London Tech Week to launch the fourth and final eBook of the series.

Over the course of 2021 we published the series of four eBooks under the themes of Retail Experience, Mobility, Smart Public Space and Community which can be found here.  Once again we’d like to thank all contributors.

Watch this space for our plans and activities in 2022 and beyond!

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