Our Objective

Our mission is to accelerate innovation in healthcare and life sciences by bringing together all stakeholders across the digital health, medical device, diagnostics, other health tech and life sciences, wellbeing and sports/well-being sectors.



We have 5 major focus areas for the following year and are actively looking to engage with volunteers and advisors that can support us on these initiatives. If you would like to get involved, please email us ([email protected]) and we will connect you to the point people:

  1. MENTORING PROGRAMME: Hold regular mentoring sessions for Health Tech founders at the Health Foundry, that take the form of workshops or informal coffee chats
  2. LONDON TECH WEEK: Lead planning of our annual flagship event, the London Tech Week HealthTech Conference, the goal of which is to connect stakeholders across the Health Tech ecosystem and showcase examples of innovations in the industry
  3. WOMEN IN HEALTH TECH: Focus on increasing diversity across innovators, operators and investors in the Health Tech space
  4. STAKEHOLDER TEAMS: focus on the enablement of the various stakeholders within the Health Tech ecosystem:
    1. Pharma: Healthcare OEMs/Service providers that are buyers of third party technology
    2. Medical Devices: Medical device manufacturers, regulators and distributors
    3. Insurance: Insurance and benefits providers in the health care sector
    4. Providers: Health care providers including but not limited to NHS, NHS outsourcers/contractors, private hospitals, lab providers.
    5. Investors: Financial and strategic investors in HealthTech (e.g. corporate, VC, angel, family office)
    6. AI/ML/Big Data: Building and managing a group of experts that represent the leading edge on the application of AI/ML in health care and the lifesciences

Planned activity

Here’s a snapshot of what is being planned for this year:


For the last 3 years our flagship event has been a half-day programme as part of London Tech Week. These 3 events have proved very successful and we want indeed to repeat that success this year. This year, we will hold the event on 11 June 2019 from 8AM to 2PM at Simmons & Simmons.

For further details and to register, click here.

Delivering an event of such quality demands a lot of planning and coordination from volunteers. Please contact Jason Foster ([email protected]), Kim Guest ([email protected]) or Paolo Caldato ([email protected]) to support on this project.


This workstream is focused on empowering women in Health Tech through a number of initiatives:

  • Communication: we run a TLA Health Working Group Slack, with a channel focused on women in Health Tech. We use this group for Q&A, helpful information and introductions. Please contact us if you would like to join.
  • Career stories: we are doing a piece on career stories for women in Health Tech and would to hear from a diverse set of female entrepreneurs, operators, investors and advisors in Health Tech. Please reach out if you would like to be featured.
  • Speaking opportunities: we are looking for women to speak at various Health Tech events. Please get in touch if a speaking opportunity would be of interest.
  • Programming: starting in June 2019, we are organising future events around themes of talent (recruitment, retention), funding and market access, involving brilliant speakers and experts on these topics.

Although we are a female focused workstream, we are by no means exclusively female – we welcome participation from all stakeholders in the spirit of continuing to support diversity in our industry.

Please contact Catherine Davies ([email protected]) or Kim Guest ([email protected]) if you are interested in being involved in any of the listed initiatives.


The objective of our Mentoring Programme is to provide targeted support to entrepreneurs in Health Tech by facilitating workshops and informal sessions with experts and mentors from across the Health Tech industry.

Over the past two years, our Mentoring Programme has resulted in a number of productive sessions and connections and we are keen to further build out the initiative going forward.

Testimonials from previous mentoring sessions

“Thanks to TLA which kindly offered highly professional mentoring, and to Health Foundry who made this possible. In just three hours we’ve got an amazing amount of feedback and also interesting connections to be further developed.”

  • Ivan Porro, CEO, SurgiQ

“I’ve gained unique and highly valuable insights from each mentor. The mentors’ experience in the marketplace and first hand learnings have been extremely relevant, and they’ve kindly offered to facilitate valuable intros that can be the game changers for our business. Thank you TLA Healthtech!”

  • Elena Mustatea, CEO & Co-Founder, Bold Heath

If you would like to get involved as a mentor or mentee and keen to contribute to our future programming, please reach out to Duncan Knight ([email protected]).


We have met with some advocates interested in the specific Sportstech sector and agreed that we should do more in that space, as part of a broader “Health Tech” focus. London Sport is our main collaborator (

Tech London Advocates collaborates on the growth of SportsTech by supporting the Sport Tech Hub, London’s first technology incubator programme dedicated to supporting start-ups driving innovation in physical activity and sport, we believe in the power of tech and sport to change lives.

If interested in supporting any work related to SportsTech please contact Alex Zurita ([email protected]).

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Want to get involved in other ways?

Contact the current group leaders, Jason Foster ([email protected])

or Nelson “Skip” Riddle ([email protected])


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