Our Objectives

– Bring together individuals and companies involved in advanced visualisations technologies such as 360 Video, Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), Mixed Reality (MR).

– Build a strong and united community but also to bring awareness to many different industry sectors on how those technologies are being used and how they could benefit from them through events (forums, showcase, discussions).

– Involve and work with other TLA Working Groups, since the AR/VR technologies are impacting most industry verticals, to create synergies.



– Showcasing AR/VR industry vertical applications during quarterly specific events at companies in the field, dedicated centres of excellence such as the Realities Centre, Digital Catapult, VRTGO but also virtually in our own TLA Virtual AltSpaceVR room.

– Cross Working Group events such as VR/AR with Medtech / Edtech / Creative working groups to discuss use cases & potential synergies.


– Group pre-launch announcement AR/VR World at London Excel on 9-10 Oct

– Opening party and launch: 8-9 December with year of VR speech at Cocoon Networks launch party

– First group event about VR in Medtech on Dec 15th at the Realities Centre (at Cocoon Networks), followed by the VR Medtech w-e hackathon on Dec 17-18th

– Wrap up event in December about how 2016 “the year of VR” went.

– Wed 26 April 2017: Fundraising for UK AR/VR startups & investment outlook (Co-event with KTN’s ImmerseUK at PWC)

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Jeremy Dalton

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