Our Objectives

  • Bring together individuals, companies, business and artistic initiatives involved in Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), Mixed Reality (MR), Spatial Computing, 360 Video, all collectively known as xR.
  • Help create a stronger, connected community by sharing resources and knowledge with different industry sectors that are part of the wide TLA groups. This may include real and virtual events, forums, showcases and discussions.
  • Involve and work with other TLA Working Groups such as retailTech, healthTech and 5G when appropriate, to create synergies & collaborations for growth in different sectors.



  • Showcasing xR industry vertical applications during biannual (or possibly more) specific events at companies in the field, dedicated centres of excellence such as the Realities Centre, Digital Catapult, PWC, and virtually in our Virtual VR chat rooms.
  • Cross Working Group events such as xR with Medtech / Edtech / Creative working groups to discuss use cases & potential synergies.

Q1: Planning Meeting with report to TLA.

Q2: Group Annual Meeting announcement xR late April or May at Realities Centre or elsewhere. Currently pencilled in for 22 April at Realities Centre (deferred to Q3 due to pandemic). Possible Fundraising for UK xR startups & investment outlook (Co-event with KTN, ImmerseUK, PWC)

Q3: Planning Meeting with report to TLA.

Q4: Talks, updates followed by networking party: During Q4 with year of xR talks. Venue TBC

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Thomas Gere

Dr John Holder

Nina Salomons