TLA Web3

Our Objectives

  • Enhance awareness across Web3 technologies such as Crypto, DeFi, NFTs and the Metaverse.
  • To promote Web3 technologies and help to educate industry sectors in its application uses.
  • Be a hub for web3 related companies, innovators and newcomers.
  • To support collaboration and participation between group members.
  • Be a platform for promoting member web3 related projects.
  • To be the unified voice for the development and implementation of Defi and NFTs

Group Activities

  • Physical and digital events. 
  • Newsletter promoting members work, news and industry events.
  • Social channels (Twitter and LinkedIn)
  • Connection between members


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Scott Trowbridge

Email: [email protected]



How to get involved

  • Complete the signup form here to become a member
  • Invite other members to join the group
  • Follow the group’s social channels