Our Objectives

  • To promote the understanding of DeFi (Decentralized Finance), NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) and their capabilities
  • To become a hub of talented multi-disciplinary blockchain, DeFi and NFT experts
  • To disseminate specialist  knowledge and dispel misconceptions about DeFi and NFTs through a dialogue between renowned experts  in the field
  • To be the unified voice for the development and implementation of Defi and NFTs

Planned Activities

  • We are planning a 6-part TED-style interview series with luminaries from the DeFi and NFT space to provide in-depth knowledge to the audience
  • We plan to conduct various online NFT and Defi hackathons supported by this sub-working group
  • We are active on Twitter and LinkedIn and publish a monthly newsletter summarizing the latest happenings in the space
  • We will also be conducting regular meetup events in London starting Q3 2021 (as per the local laws and regulations)


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Steering Committee

Scott Trowbridge

Co-founder and COO, BlockSwap Network


Gaurang Torvekar

Co-founder and CEO, Indorse

[email protected]


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Twitter – @tladefinft

LinkedIn – @tladefinft

YouTube – tladefinft