Tech For Good

Our Objectives

Create a community within TLA to share knowledge, insight and proof points about the development of Tech for Good ventures in the UK.

Promote London as the best place to start and grow Tech for Good companies and encourage new and existing Tech for Good startups to the city.

Encourage tech companies to adopt Tech for Good principles, such as diversity, accessibility, and designing responsibly; to improve the positive impact of tech companies on society.


TLA Tech for Good works in partnership with Bethnal Green Ventures to support the monthly London Tech for Good Meetup. This public group has over 7500 members, bringing together entrepreneurs, funders, corporates, policy makers and service providers, to highlight the latest opportunities and developments in Tech for Good.

The London Tech for Good Meetup group is the focal point for our activities. The monthly events help to promote Tech for Good as well as providing mentoring and networking opportunities for start-ups in the sector.

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Dama Sathianathan

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