Tech For disAbility

Our Objectives

Use of technology is an increasing part of everyone’s lives, but can leave people behind. We need more awareness on how technology can improve lives of people with disabilities.

We showcase the value of disability-focused tech start-ups in improving the lives of disabled people. We do this by connecting the technology and disability communities on the intersection of: user needs, technology innovation, necessity for accessible tech.

We also aim to ensure all technology companies embrace and embed accessibility universally through inclusive design principles.


The online launch of Tech for disAbility, a new group of Tech London Advocates
Join us to hear how accessibility and disability tech start-ups are improving the lives of disabled people and helping drive economic growth
7th September, 5-6pm online


Marie-Clare Fenech – Founder and Director, Unicornz, Breakfast of Champions
Tania Duarte – Co-Founder, We and AI
Anike Mlemchukwu – Social entrepreneur, Lapapo Special Needs founder
Marc Goblot – Digital technology consultant and social entrepreneur, Ina Ciel Digital