Smart Cities

Our Objectives

  • To promote understanding of smart cities and its capabilities” (e.g. Innovation, Physical, Social, Human, Sustainable);
  • Become hub of talented cross-functional smart cities experts and those with interest in helping to solve London’s urban challenges [cs, data analysts, data scientists, startups, investors, consultants, public services, students and industry leaders];
  • Promote the active involvement of all stakeholders of smart cities in the creation of the technology that is changing the world;
  • Be platform for active learning, knowledge sharing, debate and people engagement, and leadership to more impactful and useful smart cities initiatives.


Upcoming Events

5G: NextGen Video Analytics and Computer Vision

Previous events

TLA Smart Cities – Smart Building Roundtable

Smart Cities post Covid-19: A practical perspective

Smart Cities – Key Dates

2021 – TBC


Technological innovation is acknowledged to be one of the major driving forces of transformations in our societies. Digital technologies delivered through smart cities services and planning offer a new wave of opportunities to solve challenges associated with security, utilities, health, communication, transportation, housing, education, and accessibility to basic public services.

We believe the really smart city is one that nurtures and brings together both its technology and non-technology capabilities to improve city services for everyone. The smart city’s capabilities include the Physical (Infrastructure and ICT), Innovative, Social, Institutional, and Sustainable.

We also believe that smart cities can provide benefits for everybody only when it is created by everybody. Different views yield positive economic and social results, and avoid smart cities developments neglect societal needs and be designed by a singular perspective.

This working group envision a future where smart cities embrace these capabilities and are built based on the needs and expectations of all of society.

We aim to bridge the gap between the creators and users of technology and the smart cities decision-makers, in order to transform the city into to a real smart city in which there is a more impactful and useful application of digital technologies.


  • Host launch event to bring like-minded Advocates interested in smart cities together;
  • Partner with other liked minded organisations such as Entiq and others who share a similar vision and objectives;
  • Conduct two or three additional events during the first 12 months which may focus on the following topics:
    • Showcase tech event demonstrators and learning workshops;
    • Host a discussion on future smart cities policies for consideration including City Hall, APPG and others;
    • Explore a ‘smart cities hackathon’ along with other TLA group such as TLA IoT, TLA DataTech and TLA CleanTech.


  • An update of activities will be shared with the group every two months; a database of Advocates in TLA Smart Cities will be updated regularly;
  • The aim is to organise at least three events per year;
  • New Advocates will be introduced to TLA Smart Cities working group, and individuals not in TLA to be introduced into the organisation through smart cities events.

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Founder and CEO

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