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Although this period of enforced remote working is temporary, it’s clear that, after lockdown, employees and employers will expect greater home and remote working flexibility, indeed it will become our new normal. We have all faced the benefits and challenges: production shortfalls; governance implications; technology and soft skill deficits; mental health support, however advice and guidance are disjointed and scattered.

Our aspiration is to be the go to resource on the subject of remote working. Partnering with others, pooling expertise and serving as a hub to develop remote working policy and practice accessible to all.

The people who are leading and driving Tech London Advocates – Remote Working (TLA RW) are not new kids on the block so we can ensure the information we share will provide value to our audience and comes from reliable sources.

Rather than reinventing the wheel, our aim is to make resources and expertise available to sectors newer to remote working, such as education, charities, the civil service and other public bodies, as well as start-ups and SMEs, and to give credit to people who have already created some great assets.

Since remote working will be the new normal we encourage everybody to join our initiative – whether to discuss challenges and issues, how to improve productivity, to learn more about the future of remote working and what others are doing, or simply to share or contribute to the TLA RW to further the aims of our initiative.

Together we can make TLA RW a source of knowledge worldwide, help people and shape the future of remote working.


  • Open the conversation – invite industry experts and leaders with experience in remote working to contribute their ideas on new practices and tools
  • Share and categorise resources, practices, challenges, issues and solutions
  • Compare different approaches across industry sectors
  • Unlock the potential of remote working, organise webinars and online networking events and share our expertise, experience and knowledge, to help each other
  • Partner with others, pool expertise and create a hub to develop remote working policy and practice accessible to all, with remote working expertise or not

If you would like to join TLA RW please email Zoltan or Louisa from the leadership group.

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Zoltan Vass (Co-founder)

Leader in Remote Working at, UK

Email: [email protected]


Louisa Steensma (Co-founder)

HR Consultant and Global HR leader at Thrive HR Consulting Ltd, UK

Email: [email protected]


Eszter Ivan (TLA RW Board Member and TLA RW Mental Fitness Specialist Team Leader)

Somatic coach, psychologist and DMP at, UK

Email: [email protected]


Richard Chipchase (TLA RW Board Member and TLA RW Remote Recruitment Specialist Team Leader)

Remote Talent Acquisition Principal at Pixel Toys, UK

Email: [email protected]


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