Key Objectives

Discovering South Korea’s Rising Companies

We are a private sector led not-for-profit organisation acting as a bridge between the UK tech hub and the Korean tech ecosystem.

Are you an Entrepreneur who has a great idea, aiming for a successful breakthrough in the Asian market but doesn’t know where to begin?

Everyone knows that the Asian market is a melting pot for tech startups and development, but how do you succeed without too much risk in sales?

 Well, then South Korea is the perfect gateway to explore the Asian market with minimum risk.

Shipbuilding, manufacturing, motor industry. These are the words people tend to think of the image of South Korea. However, South Korea is also one of the leading countries in a rapid technological advancement.

Not only are there big names such as Samsung or LG, due to their advanced IT infrastructure, fast internet connection and ever changing trends, it is also a diverse ground for potential market expansion with a widely early adapting population.


The Test Bed: Trendy, ever changing, diverse.

South Korea has become a favourite testing ground of business marketing for global companies in many sectors – Fashion, Film, Music etc. On top of that, UK-South Korea FTA has made it even easier for companies to access Asia through S Korea.

Not just in K-pop through BTS but South Korea also is increasingly becoming the global trend in biotech, thanks to its capability in successfully fighting the COVID-19 pandemic.

We can help you succeed in stepping into the Asian market in tech sectors with minimal risk. Discover the future of South Korea.

Planned events for 2020

Starting with our slogan ‘Korea- The Gateway to the Asian market’ during the years 2018-2019, our new slogan for 2020 is ‘Discovering South Korea’s Rising Companies’.



23-25th (TBC)

2020 TLA-GBSA Virtual Match-Invest Showcase Event

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