Our Objectives

To elevate consciousness of TLA Insurtech and Insurtech business models, encourage information sharing, news sharing, mentoring, develop collaborations between start-ups, scale ups, insurance companies and related advisors. To become a source of information / consulting on the sector for investors, consultants or others who want to learn.

Avoid: A lack of coherence and clear goals, acting as a ‘talking shop’ for the few


  • It feels good/valuable to be connected to the TLA InsurTech Working Group
  • It becomes a true source of information, ideas and support for the sector and becomes known as such through events / social media / website / publications
  • It encourages personal connectivity across the TLA InsurTech sector through mutually beneficial introductions. Encourage value through networking.
  • It creates a platform for all TLA InsurTech and related businesses to promote themselves via website/social media.


  • Roundtable dinner launch – cross section of companies including advisors with experience of the sector
  • Simple website, linked from TLA website to highlight participants, research articles, developments, news, member sign up captures, company & personal bio’s
  • Social media, via Twitter & LinkedIn – pushing Insurtech/TLA Insurtech news
  • Seek sponsorship of small discussion events
  • Push mutually beneficial introductions
  • Encourage news sharing from the sector into the InsurTech group/media
  • Annual InsurTech conference
  • Regular monthly/bi monthly newsletter
  • Use of Russ Shaw/TLA/GTA to push activity news
  • Actively reaching out to recruit / expand network
  • Topic based events / round tables
  • Attend / present at large well known, established conferences to expand awareness / influence of TLA Insurtech
  • Seeking our speaking opportunities to raise awareness
  • Recruit further key active members of the group.

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Farooq Hanif, Head of European Insurance Equity Research at Credit Suisse

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John McLaren-Stewart, CEO at Venture Risks Group

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