Future of Work


GTA/TLA Future of Work is a global think tank that explores, challenges and suggests practical developments on the future of work to help businesses succeed in a post-pandemic world.

Having welcomed advocates from the US, UK, Japan, Switzerland, Hungary, Netherlands, Argentina, Australia, Germany, France, Poland, Ireland, Italy and New Zealand, our group also spans the economic spectrum and is still growing.

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Our Purpose

By opening up conversations, analysis and points of view on the evolving world of work, our aim is to help people take positive steps to build resilient businesses of the future and, as a vibrant community, share insights from leading thinkers, experts and pioneers in this changing area.

We do this by sharing and creating content and research, commenting on, challenging, suggesting and comparing information around how the future of work is evolving, and hosting events in partnership with others. We make thoughtful and relevant introductions to further our purpose.

Our Vision

Through our collaboration with future of work specialists worldwide we promote good practice and insights accessible to all – enabling employees to thrive, organisations to be more productive and making the workplace more inclusive.

Our Values

Collaboration – we are respectful, open minded, inclusive, supportive team players

Courage – we are curious, innovative, brave, challenge the status quo, are direct, yet thoughtful

Trust – we are accountable, lead by example, deliver on our promises, we are open and honest

Resilience – we champion work-life balance, mental fitness, inclusivity and sustainability

Fun – we are collegiate volunteers who want to make an impact – as well as make friends and enjoy the journey!

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Our Board:

Andrea Burrows Kath Breathnach
Annamaria Tancik Louisa Steensma
Ashley Gray Louise Barfield
Beena Chester Mike Weston
Bryn Jones Paul Armstrong
Eszter Ivan Russ Shaw
Eva Pascoe Tom Godber
James Klein Tracey Perera
Jan McGinley Zoltan Vass