Circular Economy

Our Objectives

The concept of Circular Economy creates a synergy between economic growth and preservation of the environment.

The three principles of Circular economy are*:

  1. Design out waste and pollution from the manufacturing of products;
  2. Keep products and materials in use;
  3. Regenerate natural systems (and human settlements).

The TLA Circular Economy Working Group brings together a diverse range of representatives from Industry, Start Ups, Academia, Investors, Government and NGO’s. Its members share the desire and the expertise to make Circular Economy a reality.

Our mission is to identify and promote Hi-Tech and business applications that support a “clean growth”, where wealth creation and prosperity also mean a better environment for future generations and ours.

*As presented by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation website

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Welcomes people who share the desire and expertise to make Circular Economy a reality.

Want to get involved?
Contact the current Group Leader:

Rosario Di Dio, RDD Ventures Consulting
[email protected]