Key Objectives

Many London scale-ups are looking to enter the Chinese market which offers major trade opportunities for them. However, it can be a tricky market to do business in and getting the right partners on side is crucial. Vice versa, London’s tech ecosystem has also started to attract a significant amount of interest from Chinese tech companies and investors and are looking for business networks here that can give them access to all the opportunities we offer.


The China Working Group works to:

– Put the China opportunity on the map while identifying challenges and opportunities
– Help London-based scale-ups understand how to do business in China
– Engage with Chinese tech companies and investors around the opportunities that the London tech ecosystem has to offer
– Connect London and China’s tech ecosystems to create meaningful conversations and help facilitate business opportunities

Planned events for 2023

We are planning 3 events during this year, with a focus on bringing the community together first and foremost to advise and support each other and share insights.

In mid March we plan to host our first post-pandemic physical event, aimed at reconnecting and sharing survival & renewal stories of members

In May we are aiming to organise an event around China’s tech economy outlook for the year ahead as the dust is beginning to settle post pandemic.
In September we hope to meet with members at CogX, details to be worked out

Our TLA China WeChat Group is very active with members offering support, advice and connections to each other. You will be invited to join as a new member.

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