Our Objectives

– To promote understanding of distributed ledger technologies and their capabilities;

– To become hub of talented multi-disciplinary blockchain experts;

– To promote the active involvement of all stakeholders in the development and proliferation of distributed ledger technologies; and

– To provide a platform for active learning, knowledge sharing, debate and engagement, leading to more impactful and useful blockchain initiatives and solutions.


  • TLA Blockchain organises up to four events per year, focussed on providing multi-disciplinary networking opportunities and improving advocate understanding of trends and developments in the blockchain space;
  • The Working Group is made up of various sub-working groups, with more being added on a regular basis. The sub-working groups arrange regular meetings and report back to the Steering Group who disseminate the updates across their networks. At present, the largest sub-working groups are Legal & Regulatory, led by Anne Rose ([email protected]), and Women in Blockchain.

in Group



Alpesh Doshi (Chair), CEO at Fintricity
[email protected]

Tom Grogan, Co-Lead Blockchain Group at Mishcon de Reya
[email protected]

Scott Trowbridge, CEO at Digitalondon
[email protected]

Siddhi Trivedi, Co-Founder at Beyond Identity AI [email protected]