Black Women in Tech

Our Objectives

We are a community of black women Tech advocates of all and any level that support and empower diversity and inclusion. The aim of our group is essentially to educate, inspire, mentor and build bridges of opportunities to allow tech companies to perform better.

We advise tech companies on embedding inclusion and diversity to the DNA of their organisations and inspire black women to put themselves forward to new opportunities so they can change the dynamic in the tech space. We help organisations identify hidden bias and provide information on reducing bias and thus increase inclusivity.

To make an impact, the activities of this group will aim to run in parity of individuals. (50% black women and 50% other genders and ethnicities) Why? To change mindsets, open conversations, create new opportunities and change the status quo.

We partner with organisations in the UK, Africa, France and the USA to amplify visibility and support black women entrepreneurs in tech.


  • We run a monthly meetup with insightful talks and networking opportunities.
  • We support each other, network, present stories, inspire each other, and exchange ideas.
  • Our events take place 2nd Thursday of every month starting at 18.00 until 21.00.
  • To view the list of upcoming events, click here
Join our monthly event the 2nd Thursday of every month.
Please find below the topics for 2020:
13 February 2020 – How to effectively develop your personal brand
12 March 2020 – How to create effective tech teams 
9 April 2020 – Step by step to secure investment for your tech business 
14 May 2020 – How to successfully conduct a global expansion 
11 June 2020 – Inclusion success stories: learn and apply 
9 July 2020 – Summer networking 
August 2020 – Break
10 September 2020 – The strategies to become an iconic brand 
8 October 2020 – Guidance to effective security, data & privacy 
12 November 2020 – Planning ahead for 2021 
10 December 2020 – Christmas Party

Free support: Brand clinic designed to support tech entrepreneurs (50% of availabilities will be reserved for black women tech entrepreneurs)


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