• Issues of emissions, connectivity, autonomy and sharing are driving fundamental change in the automotive industry.
  • Technological development is the enabler of this change, but the outcome will be determined by the complex reactions of producers, users and regulators.
  • Changing London Eco system perception and build confidence in Automotive Tech Space.


  • Launch and build the TLA network of automotive technology advocates.
    Identify challenges and benefits of ecosystem for Startups.
    Engage with Stakeholders and suppliers to work on challenges.
    Promote Autonomous across the city so that companies take advantage of government support and early mover advantage.
  • Attracting and retaining talented individuals that may otherwise leave the city and UK.
  • Understand current and future skills needed for the sector.
  • Business Benefits for companies in the benefits of upskilling the workforce.
  • Communicate that London and the UK is the place to build a company in the sector.
  • Communicate that London and the UK is ready to collaborate with other cities.
  • Share insights into the challenges and opportunities facing the automotive industry.
  • Assist entrepreneurs through mentoring.


  • Host quarterly networking events or at least consistent communications
  • Hold one large event with support of industry.
  • Enure we are present at European Automotive events **** message
  • Produce research that supports the opportunities for companies in the city and beyond.
  • Engage TLA Automotive into formal roles with Forums and Bodies.

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David Murray-Hundley