This community of ecosystem stakeholders is independent of government and led by the private sector to help in delivering the potential of full 5G roll-out to consumers, businesses and wider society. 5G technology promises radically faster download speeds, increased network reliability and will enable advanced technologies including Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things (IOT) and driverless/autonomous vehicles.

The TLA 5G Working Group is hosted by EMEA data centre experts, Interxion. It is also open to telephony experts, fibre operators, local authorities, equipment manufacturers, enterprises, startups and analysts. The inaugural members will convene to set the agenda for this not-for-profit community and hear from a number of industry leaders to understand the current state of 5G technology in the UK. The event will aim to address the disconnect between Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) claiming 5G networks are already accessible in major UK cities and the realities, challenges and solutions available to transform 5G connectivity for mass economic benefit throughout the UK.


Please REGISTER HERE for the next TLA 5G Working Group Webinar on 21/05/2020 – all details can be found in the above link.

Our Objectives

  • Launch the UK’s leading, not for profit 5G group, involving all the relevant stakeholders, to share the latest knowledge, development plans and industry expert insights and build a community around 5G and its impact.
  • Construct and deploy a programme which addresses the needs of the 5G community, stakeholders and governing bodies with timely topical news, working cases, solutions and guidance to forthcoming issues, technology updates and leading expert insights.
  • Report and support the development of NSP (Network Service Provider), global carrier and governing body 5G infrastructure deployment.
  • Assist Enterprise and Network Service Provider 5G adoption across London and EMEA data centre footprints.
  • To build the broadest community which is segment agnostic, whereby its members receive value from every aspect of the Group’s programme.

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Caroline Puygrenier, (Chair) Business Development Director, Connectivity, Interxion

[email protected]


Russ Shaw, Board Member & Founder, London Tech Advocates

[email protected]


Kurtis Lindqvist, Board member & CEO, LINX

[email protected]


Andrew Fray, Board Member & MD, Interxion UK

[email protected]


Mark Gilmour, Board Member & Head of Mobile Connectivity Solutions, Colt

[email protected]


Nicolas Bombourg, Board Member, & MD, Paul Budde Communications (PBC)

[email protected]


Peter Curnow-Ford, Board Member & Managing Partner, Viatec Associates

[email protected]


Paul Leonard, Group Associate & Marketing Manager, Interxion UK

[email protected]