What’s on

What’s on

We are running weekly Zoom forums with Russ and fellow advocates who will be providing advice and answering questions on concerns around COVID-19 and how it affects your business.

If you would like to be involved in hosting the sessions, please email [email protected] who will provide you with dial-in details.

Forum: Insurance, Risk and InsurTech with Russ Shaw and John McLaren-Stewart.

John is a CEO of Venture Risks Group, and co-leads the TLA InsurTech group.

Wednesday 6th May, 11:30am

Watch recording here

Forum: Remote working with Russ Shaw and Zoltan Vass.

Zoltan is a pro-bono Enterprise advisor and remote leader.

Wednesday 22nd April, 3pm

Watch recording here

Forum: Talent, Recruitment and Careers advice with Russ Shaw and Sarah Luxford.

Sarah is a business founder and Advisory board member with experience with building some of the fastest growing tech firms.

Monday 6th April, 3pm

Listen to recording here