How can I help?

One of the most powerful sentences in the English language, even more so in these unprecedented times.

Never in our lifetimes has a single event created a collective global response, such as that brought on by COVID-19. The fragility of life has been put to the front of all our minds, and everyone is being reminded of what is really important in life.

All over the world, we are seeing a renewed sense of community, with frontline healthcare workers rightly being described as heroes. In the UK the government has made extraordinary measures to ensure that as many businesses as possible can survive the crisis, and we have even seen a pause to party politics as both government and opposition unite behind the cause to win the war against the virus.

How we respond in this moment will resonate well beyond the crisis. We have already seen the backlash to the initial responses to the likes of Mike Ashley, Tim Martin, and Liverpool Football Club, due to the decisions they made regarding furloughing and how they treat their people. So ask yourself, are you doing what is right and how will you be remembered after this is over?

We believe that a blend of empathy and experience are what will get everyone through this crisis. At my2be, we are fortunate to have access to both through our investors, mentors, and non-execs who helped us in the immediacy to do everything we could to prepare ourselves and navigate through what lies ahead.

As a People Success Platform, the core of my2be is helping people. We help businesses support, develop, and mentor their people, globally and remotely, and in this particular moment in time, we are helping companies support furloughed workers. We help individuals, and communities connect and engage their members to mentor and support each other.  We are also fortunate to be part of fantastic communities such as Tech North Advocates and the wider Global Tech Advocates Community.

As a company, we want to help as many people as possible through this crisis, a call to arms, for all individuals, business leaders, entrepreneurs, and organisations to come together to share their experience, support and mentor each other. In order to achieve this, we have opened up our platform to individuals, organisations and communities. We have created a Global Tech Advocates community page on our site, so you can connect with, support, and mentor your fellow Advocates:

We’re here to help.

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