Russ Shaw interviewed on Sky News

21 Jul Russ Shaw interviewed on Sky News

Russ Shaw, founder of Tech London Advocates, has spoken to Sky News about the need to both cultivate talent in the technology sector at home and abroad.

In the interview, Russ illustrates a trend in which students come to the UK to complete their studies but have to leave shortly after. According to him this sends the wrong message to students from abroad that Britain “is not open” for business when in fact we should be stressing the great need in the UK for their ideas and innovation.

Russ Shaw was interviewed alongside fellow Advocates Leslie Sarma and Josephine Goube. Filming took place at Makers Academy, an organisation offering intensive web developer training to professionals.

Mr Shaw’s analysis comes at a time when an otherwise thriving UK tech sector is struggling to deal with a critical shortage in software developers, coders and engineers.

Sky News also spoke to the newly appointed Minister for Digital Industries Ed Vaizey who equally stressed a current lack of opportunities for young people in tech. The Minister for Digital Industries argues the problem is that “we are teaching our kids to use applications in school but not necessarily how to build them”.

Tech London Advocates is currently examining immigration policy to ensure the tech industry is taking advantage of the world’s finest tech talent. Through the Immigration Working Group and the Home Office Hours initiative, Tech London Advocates are further opening the immigration discussion with the government with the aim of rendering immigration policy more accessible to the tech sector.

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