Tech London Advocates supports Tech City Apprenticeships

16 Aug Tech London Advocates supports Tech City Apprenticeships

July saw the launch of the Tech City Apprenticeships, an initiative formed in partnership with Hackney Community College, which has been established in order to mold the next generation of digital talent.
Tech City Apprenticeships all started as the brainchild of Ian Ashman at Hackney Community College. He recognised that in East London there is a whole cluster of digital and tech businesses in need of fresh, young talent, and, at the same time, a plethora of eager, unemployed young people on the doorstep; each trying to get their Converse clad foot in the door.
Ian approached POKE with the idea of developing something that could address this mismatch between the supply and demand of talent. It made perfect sense to POKE and their peers, ever on the look out for a pipeline of talent. This was echoed by last months’ Tech City Futures report, which reported that over 40% of Tech City businesses saw the lack of skilled workers as their biggest challenge in growing their businesses.
A steering group of local firms, representing a broad range of skill requirements has now been created. This working group has submitted a framework for a bespoke mix of training and qualifications that specifically suit the needs of creative and digital firms in the area, as well as an academic curriculum for the scheme.
The result? A nationally recognised new Creative and Digital Media Apprenticeship scheme for 16-24 year olds. Starting in September this year, this Apprenticeship joins four others under the umbrella of the Tech City Apprenticeship scheme from Hackney Community College.
Joining forces so far, and agreeing to take on an apprentice, are Mother, Lean Mean Fighting Machine, UsTwo, Plan B Studio, The Future Laboratory, Weapon 7 and Moo. A launch campaign and website has officially launched, so now, it’s time for the important bit: searching for the best young talent to fill the places, and the right firms to take these intrepid apprentices on.
Tech City Apprenticeships now needs firms to commit to taking on an apprentice. They are actively seeking companies that would benefit from having young talent on board, supporting their business and developing as a valued member of their team. All details of the scheme can be found on the site. If you are interested, please apply online or email Nick Farnhill, founder and partner at POKE on [email protected]
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