Tech London Advocates founder chairs discussion at OpenCo London

07 Jun Tech London Advocates founder chairs discussion at OpenCo London

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London beat off competition from over 30 cities to host the first international OpenCo, a collaborative event which invites companies to sign up as Host Co’s and open their offices for a free 45 minute session where they can encourage Londoners to explore their workspace and learn their story.

Taking place at Google Campus, OpenCo kicked off last night with a panel discussion, chaired by Russ Shaw, founder Tech London Advocates with accompanying panelists Joanna Shields, CEO of Tech City, John Battelle, founder of OpenCo and Eze Vidra, Head of Google Campus.

Russ Shaw asked the panel their thoughts on what London can do become a global tech city, how we can accelerate growth in the technology sector, and the key challenges that the technology sector iscurrently facing.

One main focus was on London as a global technology city, with Google Campus highlighted as symbolic of the sector’s accelerating momentum. The support networks put in place by the UK government were heralded by Shields as the best package in the world for entrepreneurs and creating the perfect environment for startups.

Battelle exclaimed how he wanted to see more of a shift in the cultural attitude of the technology sector with greater emphasis on encouraging younger generations to start up businesses. Vidra added to this plea for cultural transformation explaining how startup failure needed to become acceptable.

The audience was left inspired and excited about what the future held for OpenCo, for London tech and the global technology sector.

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