Key Objectives

– Create a collaborative community of London based retail tech start-ups.

– ​​Promote London as the retail tech start-up capital of the world.

Planned activity for 2015

Our starting point is to identify all the London-based retail tech start-ups (Eccomplished is extending that search across the rest of the UK), as a first step to creating the community and then ensure retail tech start-ups receive the support they require from the outset from a mentoring perspective as well as gaining immediate access to a network of like-minded and sector focused companies.

We are exploring the possibility of a London retail tech forum later in the year to promote Elevate London’s leadership position in digital retail / #retailtech to attract start-ups from Europe and beyond and to create an export first mentality.

Number of Advocates in Group


Stephen Millard, Matt James of Eccomplished.

Paul Sheedy, Rewards Technology

Shakeeb Niazi, Entrepreneurs Succeed with Us

Rytis Lauris, Soundest

Scott Trowbridge, Reyou

Head of Group

Stephen Millard