Our Objectives


To make London a Gigabyte City (where the communications infrastructure underpins and supports the ambition and growth of its tech community).


– Identify the essential requirements for start-ups and scale-ups for their communications infrastructure;

– Identify the obstacles to London offering world-class communications infrastructure;

– Work with the different stakeholders, including telcos, local authorities and property owners, to address these obstacles;

– Measure the performance of existing broadband services, to highlight those buildings that already support world-class infrastructure.


A number of one-to-one meetings between different stakeholders led to a group meeting in December to map out key issues and the plan of action for 2015.


– The Mayor is proposing a connectivity rating system for commercial buildings in London, similar to a scheme already in operation in New York. The group will work with the TLA’s Property Working Group to map the methodology that could be used in implement this policy, measure the impact it would have, and establish a base line of existing connectivity, with a view to contribute to the work being done by the Greater London Authority.

– Promote the Superconnected Cities Initiative across the tech community, to ensure that every qualifying organisation in London takes advantage of the government grant of £3,000. This will include producing some thought leadership pieces and holding events to offer advice on how organisations can use the scheme to upgrade to affordable and flexible connectivity.

– Produce research that incorporates crowd-sourced data with mapping to measure London’s connectivity issues.

– 3One of the key obstacles already identified, is a legal agreement that grants a right of way (known as a wayleave) between a telecoms operator and a building’s landlord. Steven Bage, of the Corporation of London is working with the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors to produce a standard form for this agreement to address this.

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Anthony Impey, Optimity

Campbell Cowie, OfCom