Our Objectives

Our mission is to support tech entrepreneurs innovating in the digital health, medical device, diagnostics, other health tech and life sciences, wellbeing and sports/well-being sectors.

Planned activity

Here’s a snapshot of what is being planned for this year:

London Tech Week HealthTech Innovator Conference

For the last 2 years our flagship event has been a half-day programme as part of London Tech Week. These 2 events have proved very successful and we want indeed to repeat that success this year.

We already have a fixed date, the morning of Tuesday, JUNE 12TH, and a venue, thanks to Simmons & Simmons, allowing us to use their main event space in the heart of the City.

Delivering an event of such quality demands a lot of planning and coordination from volunteers. We started planning in January so now is the time to get involved. We need ideas for discussion topics, contacts for speakers and sponsors and some plain old graft in getting the event off the ground. Current thoughts on the topics are:

  • Showcasing HealthTech innovators in London & UK for international visitors
  • Pitching to potential investors
  • Accessing Corporates in London & internationally

Sinead MacManus ( is leading this project; please contact Sinead to learn how you can help.


(“TLA HealthTech Funding Connector”)

This project, which seeks to match emerging HealthTech (including sportstech) and life science companies with potential financial and corporate venture investors (and, potentially, with other sources of support, such as supporting organisations), is moving into a new phase. Tech London Advocates, working with emerging company Capital Pilot, has put up an online platform, Funding Connector, to connect tech companies with investors. We will be administering a curated HealthTech vertical of that platform to assist companies to become investor ready as well as provide a mechanism for “warm” one-way introductions to investors.

So, we need Group members who can:

  • Introduce companies to the platform
  • Help assess the companies
  • Help the companies improve their investor propositions, including their pitch materials
  • Make warm one-way introductions to investors who may be interested in what the companies are doing.

Contact Bob Mollen ( if you are interested in helping out on this important project.


Mentoring activity

This is to help entrepreneurs in Health Tech by bringing them in from of experts and mentors for informal discussion.

Our trial in November 2017, was a real success, and something we are keen to replicate in 2018.We will discuss with Sinead, Duncan and Simon how to proceed, but in the meantime, if you would like to get involved as a mentor or an entrepreneur, please do let us know.

Contacts: Sinead MacManus ( and Duncan Knight (



We have met with some advocates interested in the specific Sportstech sector and agreed that we should do more in that space, as part of a broader “Health Tech” focus. London Sport is our main collaborator (

Investment remains the main challenge for the sector, so we have decided to organise an “SportsTech Investment Forum” where innovators could meet with specific investors/organisations.

We are looking for 1 or 2 people to manage this project, mainly coordinating efforts from volunteers to find a venue, participants, and keeping track of tasks and deadlines. If you would like to be involved, please come back to us, by email or on the Slack channel.

Stuart Brown will be organising a breakfast event in February. if you want to help out contact him by email (

Alex Zurita is the main contact at London Sport (

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Want to get involved?
Contact the current group leaders, Skip & Jason:

Nelson Skip Riddle

Jason Foster