Key Objectives

– To convene and coordinate across London’s community of fintech advocates and supporters to promote London as a world leading centre

– To communicate across the various initiatives and associations and maximise efficiency and leverage opportunities to collaborate

– To showcase the multitude of resources that London has to offer – fintech companies and investors

Highlights of 2014

Fintech had a big focus in London with investments soaring and companies coming from around the world, which is why we decided to launch the fintech working group with TLA this year

Planned activity for 2015

Innovate Finance is partnering with TLA working group to create a network map of all the resources available to the community with descriptions about purpose and how to get in touch. Innovate Finance is having a stab at this and will circulate to the group for contribution.

The goal is to meet quarterly for a conference call or a meeting

Head of Group

Claire Cockerton

Jeff Tijssen

Mariela Atanassova

Michael Callas

Nektarios Liolios

Aneesh Varma