Our Objectives

– Teaching tech better.

– Solving the digital skills shortage.

– Connecting existing solutions to the right students, teachers, parents and businesses.

Highlights of 2014

Specialist groups:

We created sub-groups, with specific focus areas:

  • Higher Education & Recent Graduates – Led by Alan Stuart
  • Improving Assessment of Digital Skills – Led by Anthony Finbow
  • Engaging Better with Teachers – Led by Mark Martin

Centre for London

TLAEd supported their Connecting Tech City crowdfunding campaign, which successfully raised £50,000. We also contributed advisers to the project, helping to map all of the tech education initiatvies in east London, and then connect students and teachers to them, via a web platform

Apps for Good

TLAEd supported their People’s Choice Award – including a crowdfunding campaign, which was unfortunately unsuccessful. We also helped out with mentors, to support their award winners.

Every member of the Education group was given a Christmas present of 12 months’ free access to

Planned activity for 2015

New event structure

We’ll have monthly meetups, instead of the more formal quarterly events.

We’ll also have less frequent themed events, looking at specific problems and solutions – please suggest a theme relevant to you.

Themed events in the pipeline

  • On-line Education – Led by
  • Internal Tech Education – Led by Lloyd’s Bank
  • Digital Skills Assessment

Stronger messaging

  • Talk less about the problems and more about the solutions.
  • Do more research.
  • Properly engage with government.
  • Support our specialist groups.

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Will Bentinck, Makers Academy