Key Objectives

– To help provide advice to London’s startup community

– To help startup entrepreneurs build networks

– To help Advocates gain a greater understanding of the challenges of London’s startups

Highlights of 2014

Triage launch at the start of March in 2014, we pretty quickly amassed over 150 advocates to provide advice to entrepreneurs, we have over 150 entrepreneurs registered with the service and so far 60 advocates have volunteered on the Triage desk. We’ve helped organise dozens of meetings and we have a Net Promoter Score of >95%.

Planned activity for 2015

In 2015 we’ll be making a few changes to make it easier for entrepreneurs to engage with Triage. We believe it’s vital that the face to face aspect of the advice meetings remain, but we’re trialling using email based sessions to get those meetings set up.

Number of Advocates in Group

150 advisers

5-10 in the core team

Head of Group

James Clark

Jon Prove

Todd O’Brien

Krishan Meetoo