SaaS (Software as a Service)

Our Objectives

Software-as-a-Service is becoming an increasingly common delivery model for many businesses. The TLA SaaS Group brings together SaaS companies, experts, investors and practitioners in order to:

– Create opportunities for collaboration between members

– Promote London as a place where SaaS companies thrive;

– Facilitate a dialogue between members to share knowledge and discuss trends,
challenges, and areas of opportunity faced by the industry; and


The group launched on the 21st March 2018 at Salesforce UK Headquarters, where a panel of SaaS founders investors and Sales Leaders gave their views on growing SaaS companies and advice on securing enterprise deals.

The next event will be held on the 21st June at the Olympic Park. TLA have partnered with Sales Confidence to bring you the fastest growing SaaS conference in London where the  best SaaS Sales leaders, VCs and SaaS founders will share best practice. Click here to register!

The group is also planning an event in October ran in conjunction with the TLA Scale-up group. Further details will be announced shortly, but please contact the group owner if you’d like to know more.


The group sends out updates to all members via email and on social media. The group meets quarterly via a conference call or meeting. Please contact the group owner if you’d like to attend.

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Group owner and Co-Lead
Jonathan Hollis
PwC, Commercial Innovation

James Ski
Founder, Sales Confidence

Tom Cannon
Senior Tech Director, Salesforce

Twitter: @jhj_hollis