Co-Chairs: Sabah Zdanowska (Founder, Ventures Consulting), Timothy Barnes (Raingods), Greg Ivanov (Daydream @ Google) and Erika Barros Sierra (Tech Policy @ Access Partnership)


Name: Tech in Policy

One-sentence explanation: A non-partisan working group which analyses and promotes technology policy to make London the best place in the world for tech.

Rationale for this Working Group

With a huge amount of uncertainty due to Brexit this group is a voice for London tech companies on how to keep London competitive against tech hubs around the world

There are a number of focus areas for this group:

  1. To make the case for economic policies that will help tech companies in London to thrive, trade more easily and be competitive globally;
  2. To bridge the gap between tech creators and the decision-makers in Government, Parliament and government agencies, to help them to innovate within and improve the delivery and running of public services;
  3. To lead and facilitate the conversation on automation and the impact on jobs and the future of work.

Key activities

  • Identify areas for new research into tech policy;
  • Organise events to connect the London tech industry with government and policy makers;
  • Promote tech policies and shape public debate

Timeline of activities

Stay tuned for activities and events!

If you would like to join the group or have any questions, please contact