Central & Eastern Europe

Our Objectives

  • Promote and connect entrepreneurs, startups, SMEs, corporations and organisations from countries in the Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) region to the London tech environment and global tech hubs
  • Help find business opportunities in the CEE region for startups, entrepreneurs, SMEs and corporations in the London tech scene that are interested in exploring this region
  • Connect the London tech scene and global tech hubs with talents from the CEE region
  • Highlight tech achievements in the CEE region


  • From Q3 2019 – Growing regional leadership team and monthly meetings
  • Q3-Q4 2019 – Blog, LinkedIn Page, Newsletter and LinkedIn Group 
  • From Q4 2019 – New partnership initiatives and member engagement 
  • Q1-Q4 2020 – Regional TLA CEE Events and new website

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Ales Smetana (Co-Founder) – LinkedIn 

Specialists Grid

Mate Kovacs (Co-Founder) – LinkedIn

Water Lily Pond

Sandor Kiss (Co-Leader) LinkedIn
Zsanett Andresin (Community and Ecosystem Manager) LinkedIn


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